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 Are you looking to promote one of the best gold affiliate programs online? Well look no further.

Regal Assets is one the top precious metals and cryptocurrency dealers in the country.

The firm specializes in Gold IRAs and Bitcoin IRAs. Their clients invest tens of thousands of dollars.

They are legit, making the Inc 500, have 1000s of positive customer reviews and are a member of the Forbes Finance Council.


• Promote one of the world's premier top rated investment companies and pioneers in alternative assets:  market investment in and purchasing of alternative asset classes including gold, precious metals, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency for direct purchase investors, the vast US market of IRA, 401k and other retirement account holders, the Canada market for RRSP and TFSA holders (precious metals), high net worth individuals and families (HNWI), and more. Mutl-trillion dollar potential market with  one of the highest paying affiliate programs in the world


• Life changing income potential:up to $30,000+ commission for each and every referred customer transaction 

• 100% free affiliate marketing program - No cost for you to join or participate in

• 3% commission on all gross client sales transaction amounts for all present and future sales and investment in precious metals and cryptocurrency


• You are also paid $30 - $100 for each qualified lead

• Example:  average sale = $65,000 = $1,950 commission; sales easily = 6 and sometimes 7 figures.  $100,000 sale = $3,000 commission and $1,000,000 sale = $30,000 commission

• Some affiliates have made $40,000+ to $100,000+ commissions in a single month

• 2nd tier affiliate referral compensation possible up to 2%

Lifetime revenue share   on customer transactions


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August 2019:  An affiliate named Tony just earned a commission of $38,500+ from a single $770,000+ referred client deal:




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